We are looking for passionate individuals to join our team!!

I am glad to be writing this blog. We have covered a long distance from when I had come to the village with absolutely no money and with no team, clueless of the future, unsure of how things will ultimately pan out. We have now set up 2 learning centres and have executed one livelihoods project – stitching of 2000 handbags. Watch this video on the project.

Of course, we yet need to get our act together both at the learning centres and in our livelihoods projects.  And this is exactly the reason why I am writing this blog.  

We now want to expand our team and are looking out for people with varied skills for our learning centres. 

We are NOT looking for ‘teachers’ but people who wish to learn and share their skills and knowledge with the children. We are looking for people of all sorts – artists, people with a scientific bent of mind, storytellers, those with a keen interest in astronomy, musicians, dancers, theatre artists, etc. I have detailed below some of the requirements that come to my mind:

  1. At our learning centres, there is no curriculum, no exams and no exams. So the good thing is that you will not have to grade any exam copies (the pain point in a conventional set up). But you would need to have an enquiring mind and be creative in your approach. You would need to have a ‘playful’ mind.
  2. You should be willing to stay and work in the village. Having spent 2 years in the village, I can assure you that the quality of life is far higher in the village.
  3. Decision making at our learning centres is largely (not fully yet) democratic. So you need to be comfortable with a set up where children could dictate terms.
  4. Your role as a resource person will be to:
    1. Impart skills to the children in our 2 learning centres.
    2. Train our next line of facilitators, who could be from the village.
    3. As much as possible, document your knowledge through text and video.
    4. Participate in the running and administration of the learning centres.
    5. Liaise with the local community whenever required.
    6. Help in converting the skills acquired to livelihoods, in co-ordination with the livelihoods team. 

Watch this video to get some idea of the work that we have done in the past.


Resource persons for the learning centres should be willing to stay in Agar, which is a village located about 70 kilometres from Jaipur and about 180 kilometres from Gurgaon.  


Cash component – Rs 10,000 – Rs 25,000 per month, depending on skills and experience.


  1. Fresh air, that could increase your life span by about 10 years.
  2. Beautiful landscape – mountains in front and behind with farms in between the mountains.
  3. A loving community.
  4. Get to be a part of something that is going to bring about major positive change (or at least so I think).
  5. Yes, you will also get free food with grains sourced straight from the farm.
  6. You will also have a khat to sleep on, so no expenditure on accommodation. We are actively looking for land in the village. Once that happens, we intend to build huts. You could then either have a hut to yourself or you may have to share the hut.

While the cash component may appear to be low, I can assure you that net of expenses, you would save more than you could in the city. Besides of course, the quality of life up here will be par excellence.

Those interested could fill this form.

I am now convinced that the ‘film’ has already been made. All that is left is for me to see and experience it. I am eager to know who God has chosen to share the stage with me. 

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