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Masti ki Paathshala is looking for volunteers. There is so much happening here and things are getting out of hand. We would love to have students work during the summer. We are also extremely keen to have students who would be taking the gap year to come and work with us.

For the uninformed, you could read our Welcome Note to have a better idea of what Masti ki Paathshala is all about. The note also has links to a video and a presentation that you could go through. You could also see this short video which was made by Suraj, one of our boys, on our 1st Anniversary on April 15, 2018.

We are looking for 3 volunteers (possibly more) at least for 2 months, and you could begin as soon as possible. All 3 of the volunteers will be working very closely with Gautam Khandelwal, the Founder of Masti ki Paathshala.

I have outlined below some of the things that you would be required to do:

  1. We desperately need money. We have plans of soon setting up 1 or 2 more Masti ki Paathshalas and therefore will need money. We will soon also be ramping up our work on livelihoods. So, your role will be to make financial projections, presentations, co-ordinate with the CSR Departments of companies, etc. Of course, needless to say, we will connect you with the relevant people.
  2. Manager for the Clean-Paint-Plant project – As a part of this project, we intend to clean the entire village, paint and beautify the village. We also intend to plant fruit bearing trees on a 9 kilometre stretch, so that fruits become accessible for the village folk.  As the manager, you will own the project. You will have responsibilities to plan, manage and execute the project. Specifically, I have listed down some of the responsibilities:
    1. Make a presentation about this campaign.
    2. Liaise with the local administration seeking financial and other help from them.
    3. Run a communication campaign. Your role will be to teach the children about the use of various media who will in turn run the campaign.  Of course, you will be responsible for ensuring that things are happening.
    4. Cleaning open drains and setting up dustbins across the village. Everyone including you, me and the children will do the cleaning up act. In fact, some people from Jaipur may also join us. So do not worry. You will not be the only one putting his / her hand in the drain.
    5. Planting fruit bearing trees across a 9 kilometre stretch. This is another component that will require significant planning. We will have to collect seeds / saplings. We will have to talk to the children all along this belt and get them to take responsibility to water the plants and take care of the plants.
  3. Our work on livelihoods – We are setting up livelihoods in the village, so as to ensure that no one has to step out of the village in search of work. We have just started off with stitching bags, pouches, laptop bags, etc. We also intend to take up agri processing soon. In this connection, we need someone to handle the following:
    1. Develop a website for Maatimeet Grameen Pvt Ltd, the company handling the livelihoods.
    2. Develop a story about our work and the women working with us.
    3. Work on the legal part. Don’t worry if you do not have any legal knowledge. All you will need to do is co-ordinate with the Chartered Accountant. And of course, I will be working closely with you to help you out when required.
    4. Arrange and co-ordinate the training programs for the women.
  4. Volunteers for managing the learning centres – We are in the process of setting up more Masti ki Paathshalas. Largely, the learning centres will be self-managed by the children. However, we do want an adult to be responsible just to be there if things go wrong. Of course, one part of your role will be to keep all the adults away and let the kids do all the planning and the management.

Of course, there is more work. These are the 4 things that I could think of offhand. It would be best if we could have people coming for a longer duration – say students taking a gap year. That would facilitate a longer and therefore a more meaningful engagement. However, we would also be okay to have someone coming for no less than 2 months.

Look forward to hearing from some mavericks who wish to do their own bit to, as MJ sang, “make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.” Feel free to write to me at


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