In the past few months, we have done 2 workshops on photography, which were facilitated by Mr Maanik Sinha and Mr Chirantan Khastgir, both of whom are students of the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar. During these workshops, the children learnt the basics of photography, which inter alia included the following:

  • How to hold the camera
  • Image composition techniques
  • 6 basic rules of photography

The children also worked on themes that they chose, which included the Swachh Agar Mission, the ongoing cleanliness campaign in the village, life in the village, etc. These pictures were then stuck, along with appropriate slogans, at various places in the village, so as to influence people to maintain cleanliness in the village. In this manner, photography was not just a skill that the children learnt but became a very powerful communication tool.  

Pictures of this workshop can be viewed on the following link: