We intend to work in 3 areas:

  1. Education (by setting up democratic learning centres)
  2. Healthcare (by setting up nature cure hospitals)
  3. Livelihoods (by setting up various businesses)

Masti ki Paathshala is not really an educational organization but an organization that wishes to use education and healthcare as a tool for broader rural development. The livelihoods just complements these 2 verticals very beautifully. It is the blood that provides the oxygen. The livelihoods projects would help generate employment in the village. Besides, it will provide the financial muscle to fund the learning centres and the nature cure hospitals. It is a dream to once again see the rural folks live together as a community, rather than be sucked into the capitalist world.

While the work on education and healthcare would be handled by a non profit entity (which has already been set up and is called the Centre for Health and Education Reform), the work on livelihoods would be undertaken by a for profit entity, with an overriding profit sharing agreement with the producer. The remainder of the profit would be used to fund the learning centres and the nature cure hospitals and provide a return on capital. The long term goal is to convert this for profit entity into a co-operative, which is democracy in the truest sense.