I never knew that Math could be so much fun until I met with Brandon Quinn, a volunteer from California, USA, who spent 2 weeks at Masti ki Paathshala. The folly of school education is that everything is just taught in the books, without showing its significance in the real world. It is only after this workshop did I realise the significance of math and how there is math involved in so many things that we do on a daily basis.

Brandon made a human size graph paper for us on the ground, we drew our own circle, we found our own pie (which came out to be 3.22, as against 3.14, the exact value). By the way, nobody knew that pie is circumference divided by the diameter. We found out the pie value for circles of various sizes – our water drum, plate, the frisbee, and as it had to be, it was same for all the three. We measured the quantity of water in our drum, we measured the water in the overhead tank, we estimated the water in our bodies. Oh! It was so much fun.