Job offer for our Livelihoods Projects

Maatimeet Grameen Pvt Ltd, our ‘for profit’ arm which will be handling the livelihoods projects, is looking for a person who will be responsible for rolling out and managing our livelihoods projects. For the moment, he would be entrusted with the following tasks:

  1. Marketing of agri produce in Jaipur
    • Rolling out a pilot this winter for marketing agri produce in Jaipur.
    • Carrying out a market survey in Jaipur to facilitate the pilot project.
    • Liaison with farmers and with our team in the village regarding procurement and value addition of raw agri produce.
    • Time to time research in the market for demand estimation and for developing a market for our products in Jaipur.
    • Making reports based on feedback from customers.
  2. Setting up of e-rickshaw facility from Agar – Pratapgarh
    • Identifying an entrepreneur in the village willing to operate such a facility.
    • Finding out if any Government subsidy exists for this. If yes, applying to the relevant Government department for facilitating this process.
    • Liaison with bank for bank loan.
    • Tariff setting in consultation with the e-rickshaw driver and the local community.
  3. Facilitating the design and stitching project
    • Buying consumables / supplies from Jaipur and transporting them to Agar.
    • Managing inventory of raw material.
    • Managing production.
    • Packing of finished goods and facilitating transport of finished goods to Jaipur.
    • Facilitating training workshops. For this purpose, he would be responsible for onboarding women in the village for the training workshops.

Location: Applicants should hail from Jaipur. He should be willing to stay in Agar (which is about 70 kilometres from Jaipur) and will need to travel between Jaipur and Agar on a regular basis.

Skills required:

  1. Basic knowledge of computer – Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  2. Be able to write and speak in English, though may not be very fluent.

Remuneration: Would depend on how skilled the person is.

Those interested could send their CV to or simply send me an email indicating their interest along with their contact details.

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