Our children had been requesting us for a Jaipur trip for a very long time. I was only very happy to comply with this wish. However, there were a few pre-conditions:

  1. We would not visit Jaipur just for a day but at least for 4-5 days.
  2. We would not go to Jaipur simply as a tourist. There had to be a learning component as well.
  3. The children would have to read up on the internet about Jaipur before disembarking on the journey.
  4. After coming back, they would have to make a Powerpoint presentation to their parents.

Accordingly, we left for Jaipur with 8 children on August 11, 2017.  Given that this was our first outstation trip with the children, we did not want to get too many children.

In Jaipur, the children visited the following places:

  1. Hawa Mahal (saw the monument only from the outside)
  2. City Palace
  3. Jantar Mantar – Mr Bhanu Mishra, a registered escort, was kind enough to explain all the scientific phenomena to the children.
  4. Isarlat – what a view we got of the city from the top!
  5. Nahargarh Biological Reserve
  6. Sagar Jheel – we went deep into the hills above the Sagar and saw the sun set from there.
  7. Panna Meena Kund
  8. Bihari ji ka Mandir
  9. Nahargarh Fort
  10. Metro – this was a hit with the children. They just simply loved the Metro journey. Even more than the Metro, they loved going up and down the escalator.
  11. Jawahar Kala Kendra – Ms Monika Pareek, an architect, was kind enough to explain to the children the architectural principles behind the construction of Jawahar Kala Kendra, which are the same as the 9 square manadala, based on which Jaipur was built.
  12. World Trade Park – even here, the children loved going up and down the escalator.
  13. Jawahar Circle – the children loved the musical fountains in the evening.

On the last day of our trip, Mr Arvind Pareek and Mr Pankaj, both of whom run a technology company, taught the children how to make a website. Rather than teaching a programming language which could be very complex for the children at this stage, they told them of this site called wix.com, which provides templates for building a website. We wanted children to make our website. However, due to poor bandwidth, we have had to shelve this idea. So the website is being built by Mr Arvind Pareek himself.

We reached Agar on the evening of the 15th. At one stage, before leaving, I was a bit nervous, wondering whether the children would enjoy their trip. I was happy to hear a child remark that he was so sad to be back, as if the honeymoon had ended.  

As a condition to the trip, the children have made powerpoint presentations. As a result of this, the children now know:

  1. That there is something called google.com.
  2. They now know how to search on Google.
  3. They can attach an image from Google Images.
  4. They can attach an image on powerpoint from the computer.
  5. They have been reading up articles on Wikipedia.
  6. Some of them are also aware of YouTube and have been watching videos on YouTube.

On the whole, I am quite pleased with the Jaipur trip. Not only did the children have a great time, they have also learnt quite a lot because of this trip.  

The pictures of the Jaipur trip can be viewed at https://goo.gl/photos/dS5ovtmXu3JASD8fA