Healthcare in rural areas has been a major challenge. While primary healthcare centres are available in many villages, the service is usually not reliable. More so, a lot of diseases occur due to lack of nutrition and a balanced diet, which clearly is preventive in nature. This is a knowledge and a cultural issue, rather than strictly being medical in nature. Also, with a lifestyle change happening in rural areas towards a relatively more sedentary lifestyle, yoga, nature cure, ayurveda are becoming increasingly relevant.  

The present Government healthcare model is based on allopathy. Allopathy is known to have side effects and is therefore not the best healthcare model. More so, allopathy needs a lot of external inputs in the form of expensive medicines and highly priced services of doctors. Given all this, we feel that nature cure (possibly combined with ayurveda) would be the best healthcare model, especially for rural areas. Nature cure mainly requires mitti (Earth), hawa (air) and paani (water) which are available in abundance in the rural areas. Nature cure does not need highly priced medicines and in fact most of the aforementioned ingredients of nature cure are free of cost. It is very easy for anyone to learn nature cure. Therefore, nature cure could prove to be a low cost, localised model and therefore could be very suitable for rural areas.


We will start working on our first nature cure hospital once we can buy land in the village.