Connecting children from across the world

Thanks to Ms Rhi Ward and her 3 children, we started our penpal program. One fine day, I got a message from her on our Facebook page saying that she would like to visit us in December this year. Rather than wait till she arrived, she suggested that the children start writing to each other so that they make friends even before they meet. And this was the birth of our penpal program.

Children, I believe, are best placed to achieve global peace. They carry no historical baggage and so would be more trusting of each other. Therefore, it is my dream for children to connect with each other from all parts of the world. Write to each other in English, in your own language, in the other one’s language or just draw or paint something. As they say, love has no language.

Through this blog, I request the reader to connect us with children in your family, in your neighbourhood, in your child’s school, in the nearby slum, or anywhere else. Leave a comment on the blog with your email and I will surely get back to you. Alternatively, feel free to write to me at I can already see my inbox being flooded with mails 🙂


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