Welcome to Masti ki Paathshala

In the last one year that I have been working in the village, I have often thought about these questions. What is Masti ki Paathshala?
Let me take a step back and inform you a little about our history.

Masti ki Paathshala (which literally translates as ‘school of fun’) is a democratic learning centre set up in this village called Agar, in the Alwar District of Rajasthan, India, about 30 kilometres from the Sariska Tiger Reserve. We set up the first learning centre in 2017 and have plans of setting up such learning centres in villages across this entire region. To decode that term, a democratic learning centre is a place where children ‘call the shots’.

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Our Work

Using education, healthcare and livelihoods for broader rural development.

Education – Democratic Learning Centres

We strongly believe that our children are responsible and capable to choose their own path.


Healthcare – Nature cure hospitals

Nature is the best healer. Trust the five elements to cure you.

Livelihoods – Endless possibilities

Communities need to be self sufficient. Therefore, livelihoods are the key.

  • What Visitors and Children say

    I really like it here because everyone – a child or an adult – is treated equally and everyone has the freedom to do as they will.

    - Suraj Koli (age – 19, College 1st year)
  • What Visitors and Children say

    I love coming to Masti ki Paathshala as whenever I come here, I come with the thought that I will get to learn something new today.

    - Pankaj Koli (age – 18 years, Grade 12)
  • What Visitors and Children say

    I come and play here and do lots of ‘masti’ (fun). And also learn a lot of new things from people coming from all over the world.

    - Priya (age – 10 years, Grade 4)
  • What Visitors and Children say

    I like coming here as I get to play with both children and grown ups.

    - Dheeraj (age – 8 years, Grade 3)
  • What Visitors and Children say

    I feel very good coming to Masti ki Paathshala. I come and play here and also paint.

    - Asha (age – 5 years, Grade 1)
  • What Visitors and Children say

    I feel very good coming to Masti ki Paathshala. I get to play here and I also read a bit.

    - Himanshu (age – 3 years, LKG)
  • What Visitors and Children say


    I came as a teacher, I am leaving as a student.

    - Griffin Larson, USA
  • What Visitors and Children say

    I really like coming to Masti ki Paathshala. My family’s financial condition is not very good. Therefore, I cannot venture outside of the village, spend money and get a good education. However, I am able to get all those good things that I aspire for at Masti ki Paathshala. That is why I am very happy here.

    - Chiranji Koli (College 1st year)
  • What Visitors and Children say

    I hope that every village has a Gautam and a Kaluram. Nothing else is needed. I came here as ‘unsatisfied somebody’ and leaving with a way to become ‘satisfied nobody’.

    - Ashish Sethiya, India
  • What Visitors and Children say

    What Gautam has built here with the people around and volunteers from all over the world is absolutely brilliant. Their work is so impactful – on the community and on anyone who gets engaged in it.

    - Carmen Kummer, Switzerland

Our Team

Gautam, Kaluram and Nidhi, ably supported by volunteers coming from across the world.

Gautam Khandelwal

– Founder

Kaluram Gurjar

– Admin & Logistics Manager

Nidhi Khandelwal

Lead – Livelihoods Program

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